• 3 sprout
  • 4M


    La Marque 4M has developed a range of scientific games that allow children to develop their creativity by experimenting themselves, making toys with recycled products or using green energy. It's a great way to combine creativity, science and ecology, and to instil good creative habits in our children!

  • Alpes Du Sud mérinos

    Alpes Du Sud mérinos

    Alpes du Sud Mérinos was the brainchild of Florence, a Swiss mother of New Zealand origin. It was during her pregnancy that Florence tried to find articles made from natural fibres that were eco-responsible, non-toxic and healthy for baby's delicate skin. Her New Zealand family provided the solution in the form of merino wool, an ideal material for children's clothing. Convinced by its softness, natural properties and ease of washing, the little Swiss family incorporated this wool into their wardrobe.

  • Alphanova


    ALPHANOVA Santé® is a French laboratory, based in Provence, specialising in the design of organic and natural cosmetic products for over 10 years. All our products are developed and manufactured in France, and 90% of them are produced in our region in Provence. Our organic cosmetics are dermatologically tested to guarantee all our customers safe organic formulas that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

  • AMA atelier

    AMA atelier

    Behind AMA atelier is Maria, who is passionate about sewing and "Do it yourself".

    I'm accompanied by two BERNINA machines that practically never stop. And, not far from my feet, there's Luna, my greatest supporter and inspector of fine work, who has lent her features to my logo.

    I offer quality, handmade and authentic items for children and parents.

    I'm always on the lookout for original ideas to satisfy you and simplify your everyday life.

    The AMA atelier adventure is just beginning!

  • Anaé


    anaé® is a young brand of products and accessories dedicated to natural beauty and hygiene.
    To design and offer products that are ecological, responsible and accessible to all bathrooms,
    that'sanaé®'s ambition!

  • Angel Wings

    Angel Wings

    "Angel Wings was created many years ago by Rehana Ježková. Out of need and a strong desire to help, she created a Czech fashion brand .

  • Baby Franck

    Baby Franck

    Baby Frank is a German brand whose motto is "everything for mother and child" and a good start in life.
    Baby Frank is above all a small range of soothers made from natural materials to calm baby.

  • Babylegs


    Babylegs™ are baby leggings: must-have fashion accessories for little ones from 0 to 10yrs.
    Created by Nicole Donnelly, leggings keep children's legs warm, make nappy-changing easier, fight UV rays...
    Babylegs ™ is THE must-have brand for children's leggings.

  • Babylonia


    Company making pregnancy jewellery and bolas.

  • Bajo


    Bajo has been operating for 30 years. It was established in a small village called Kamionna, at the foot of the mountain of the same name. We started the company at the dawn of the 90s, at a time of historic change in the political system. At the time, the free market in Poland was virtually non-existent. We created toys for consumers who were not yet free. Interest in our products grew as Bajo developed.

  • Balma - Trybol

    Balma - Trybol

    Trybol S.A., founded in 1900 in Neuhausen at the Rhine Falls, is a wholly Swiss company, independent of any Swiss or foreign company, with around 30 employees. Trybol products are manufactured without animal testing, with respect for the environment and are packaged in an eco-friendly manner.
    The BALMA annexe brand is a brand of products designed for babies and children.

  • Bambaw


    In 2015, twin brothers Maxime and Augustin were stunned by single-use plastic pollution. They quickly drew an obvious conclusion: we must fight against the pollution of single-use plastic products and promote responsible consumption. Thesealternatives to single-use products prevent the accumulation of waste in the environment.

    Nature does not create waste. It is an invention of modern man.

  • Be nappy

    Be nappy

    Be Nappy, the new brand of baby nappies on the Swiss market! Our nappies are made in Switzerland and have a superior quality standard thanks to over 30 years' experience. Be Nappy nappies are FSC certified



    Our story is 100% French! It began in Oyonnax, in the Ain region, in 1989. Since then, we've been designing products and solutions to help you make the most of every moment with your children.

  • Bébé nacré

    Bébé nacré

    French company created in 2006 by Renata Rizck, who came up with the name of breastfeeding shell following several product studies to make it comfortable and suitable for everyone.

  • BioViva


    The Bioviva Foundation's mission is to educate the world's excluded children, using fun and educational tools that encourage respect for oneself, for others and for life in all its diversity.

  • Boutique Entre-Nous

    Boutique Entre-Nous

    The boutique makes a variety of handmade items. We also offer babywearing classes, wrapped baths, themed cafés and crying and sleeping workshops.

  • BrainBox


    BrainBoxfrom Green Board Games, is a fun card game of memory and observation, with 8 million units sold worldwide. The game tests your eye for detail, with all the answers on the card, but only 10 seconds to study it.

  • Bravado
  • Clémence et Vivien

    Clémence et Vivien

    Clémence & Vivien, your 100% natural, vegan and green cosmetics brand, made in France

  • Créa'folie
  • CréaBee
  • Djeco



  • Dooky


    Dooky is a Dutch brand that offers protection for pushchairs and car seats. These products protect baby from the cold, wind, snow and sun.

  • Doudou et compagnie

    Doudou et compagnie

    Creating softness for 20 years, Doudou et Compagnie is THE soft toy specialist!
    The soft toy, a reassuring landmark that promotes baby's well-being and development.
    Very important to baby, it will become his lifelong companion!

  • Easy Peasy
  • Easypee


    This product comes from a small and medium-sized brand based in Germany.

  • Educa Borras

    Educa Borras

    The origins ofEduca Borras date back to1894, the year Borras Plana was founded S.A. EDUCA© is a benchmark brand in the world of educational games and puzzles, and BORRAS© is best known for its magic, family and entertainment games . Today, these products are distributed in over 75 countries worldwide.

    Our products are manufactured at our facilities in Sant Quirze del Vallés, in the Barcelona region (Spain). All are subject tostrict safety and quality controls, and are manufactured using high-quality, recyclable and environmentally-friendly raw materials.

  • eKoala


    Sometimes great revolutions begin with small changes.
    eKoala decided to open its eyes and make more responsible choices, to develop products for children, in search of unique alternative materials and friends of the environment.
    We believe that it is now possible to offer our little children a world of play that is truly Wonderland.

  • Engel
  • Essence Harmony

    Essence Harmony

    Marylaure, from Neyruz (FR), mother of 3 daughters.

    A care assistant by profession, I turned to natural therapies after the birth of my first daughter.
    Having trained in phytotherapy, I've been making herbal teas for several years now.
    With the arrival of my youngest daughter, I realised that I was lacking specific herbal teas. So I created the 'Around Mum and Baby' range.
  • Fridolin


    The German brand of music boxes and other products for children and adults

  • Game Factory
  • Gigamic
  • Girasol


    It all began at the end of 1980, when Camilla and Gerhard set off on a journey to explore the American continent, from Mexico to Peru.

    They never got there, because the breathtaking beauty of the Guatemalan highlands, the fascination of the Caribbean coast and the curiosity about post-revolutionary Nicaragua had not only blown the time window set, but had also completely exhausted the financial budget.

    In order to stay longer in Central America, they began selecting hand-woven textiles and handicrafts from Mayan markets in the Guatemalan highlands and selling them in Mexico in mid-1981.

    Until the end of 1982, they commuted regularly between Guatemala and Mexico and, while earning a living, got to know and love the country and its people, especially the Guatemalan Indians.

    In 1983, after their return to Germany, they continued this trade at flea markets and weekly markets and, later that year, in their own shop in Berlin and through a wholesale business.

  • Grünspecht


    We make everyday life easier foryoung and old alike, with products that are well thought-out, safe and affordable.

  • Haakaa



    Protect your little one from harmful toxic chemicals

    Haakaa is a New Zealand family brand that offers parents reliable, natural, non-toxic and environmentally friendly baby products online. After the birth of our precious Courtney, who suffers from autism amongst other disabilities, it became clear to us that we had to do something to protect her health as well as prevent the massive amount of waste caused by everyday plastic bottles and unnecessary plastic items.

    We are 100% committed to creating stylish, practical and sustainable products that are safe for our children and our planet.

  • HABA


    Designers of games "made in Germany". Their ideas have their roots in Germany, just like the trees that provide the wood for their products.

  • Heimess


    HEIMESS wooden toys for babies and toddlers have been "Made in Germany" for over 50 years.

    The brand's products are manufactured in our workshops in Vaihingen near Stuttgart. The GS (tested safety) label on most toys symbolises recognition by independent quality control institutes.Hei

  • Hevea
  • Hoppediz


    HOPPEDIZ® was founded in 1999 by Ingo and Annette Schröder in Leverkusen and is now based in Bergisch Gladbach. The company specialises in physiological baby carriers and accessories.

  • HydroPhil


    Ahoy Hoi! We're Christoph, Sebastian and Wanja, three friends from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and the founders of HYDROPHIL, your brand of innovative sustainable hygiene products.

  • ImseVimse


    ImseVimse was founded in 1988 and has since developed and sold functional, reusable products that respect people and the environment. Eco-responsible consumption should be the norm, not the exception. That's why we offer functional, reusable products for women and children. Products that meet their needs when they need them. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact by bringing to market practical textile products that can be washed and reused.

  • Italtrike


    The Cosa is a flexible, agile and particularly attractive carrier, specially designed for use in the home or flat. Available in a range of models, it's sure to delight your toddler.

  • Jaq Jaq Bird
  • Joli Nous

    Joli Nous

    Swiss 100% linen sling. Eco-friendly and elegant.

  • Joli samedi

    Joli samedi

    Joli samedi is a company founded in 2021 by a mother from the canton of Vaud. It offers a range of handmade baby and children's items made from natural materials and in compliance with standards.

  • KI ET LA
  • Kiddylegs


    Kiddylegs® - our own brand of leggings - offers comfortable, extremely practical and versatile baby leggings in fresh colours made from high-quality materials and responsibly produced in Germany, with only the Economy product range being made in Turkey in the past. This makes Kiddylegs® the perfect alternative to Original Babylegs®, which are very well known in this country but sometimes have a high proportion of synthetic fibres and are made in China. This applies all the more since production of Babylegs® has been completely stopped following a change of ownership.

    In summer 2019, we relocated the entire production of Kiddylegs® to East Germany, and the cotton used since then has come exclusively from controlled organic cultivation. The change in production allows for new filigree patterns and an even better fit - the new productions are even softer, smoother and more elastic and therefore also more suitable for bacon. So they continue to be *practical*doudous*emblematic!!!
    And thanks to the change in production, we can now also offer GOTS-certified Kiddylegs®: Our Kiddylegs® Premium (GOTS organic) and our Kiddylegs® Premium Mini (GOTS organic) are available with GOTS certification.

  • Kidywolf


    KIDYWOLF was born at the beginning of 2019 and will continue to amaze you. "KIDY" talks about those young children who are not yet teenagers by offering adapted technological toys.

  • Kushies
  • La Droguerie écologique

    La Droguerie écologique

    For over 15 years, our motto has been "Make your own cleaning products". La droguerie éco's advice and products are designed to help you with this DIY approach, using a few simple, effective and economical ingredients. Made in France or Western Europe, our products are designed using natural, mineral or plant-based raw materials and a maximum of organic ingredients.

  • Lamazuna


    Lamazunais the brand that has been reducing waste in the home since 2010. From solid cosmetics like solid shampoos that avoid plastic bottles to sustainable accessories like the Oriculi to say goodbye to wadded-up sticks, everything is designed to make everyday life more respectful of the planet.

  • LastObject
  • Le trousselier
  • Liebwerk


    We love nature and we try to live as sustainably as possible in order to protect it. We'd like to express this attitude to the world by making a real impact.

    Our mission is to turn an everyday object used by everyone into an object that respects the planet, and to donate part of the profits to a good cause.

    Thanks to Liebwerk, we have achieved this goal!

  • Lighthouse


    Isabelle, a Swiss designer, has created Lighthouse with magnificent babywearing coats with integrated inserts.

  • Little Compagny

    Little Compagny

    British clothing company making baby products, including practical and elegant changing bags for everyday use.

  • Love Me Doux

    Love Me Doux

    Liniment, the natural product Why choose us? "More than 4000 satisfied customers since 2010" Local production Liniment produced in Switzerland Majority of products made in Switzerland Natural product The power of Nature without problematic chemicals Good for the planet! Reduced waste thanks to our refill system.

  • Love Radius

    Love Radius

    Love Radius (by Je Porte Mon Bébé) is a French company founded in Paris in 2007, specialising in physiological babywearing.

  • Machouyou


    Machouyou is a young Bordeaux-based company that distributes two childcare products via e-commerce and pharmacies: Machouyou and Miss Brossette. Machouyou miss Brossette: a patented French innovation, a 1st teething masticator, a medical device for the general public to help children stop using their thumbs and teats. Made in France from medical silicone, food colouring. Miss Brossette: Toothbrush finger made in France, used to massage gums from 3 months (teething) to over 100 years!

  • Madalù


    Because the cycle is NOT a limit!

    MamiCup ® was born of a challenge: to create a completely Italian menstrual cup and make it easily accessible to all women .The story of Madalù began in 2010, when Silvia, the founder of MamiCup ®, personally tried out a menstrual cup and was so surprised by such a brilliant, comfortable, practical and economical solution that she decided to reproduce it .Since 2012, Madalù menstrual cups have been made entirely in Italy, with a short supply chain.
    The company's mission is to minimise the impact of production and final transport .This is also why all production is environmentally friendly, from the factory, which uses photovoltaic panels, to the FSC-certified packaging.

  • Maison Naine

    Maison Naine

    What started as a small idea at home in 2008 has now grown into a large, established company. We are the market leader in the distribution of handcrafted materials in Switzerland.

  • MaM


    Babyidea Ltd is a Scandinavian family business. Our office is located in the Helsinki region of Finland. We focus on manufacturing and marketing MaM® Design products designed by ourselves and we also partner with other like-minded companies. We distribute some of these companies in Finland, others in Scandinavia and Europe.

  • Mamalila
  • Manduca
  • ManyMonths


    Designed in Scandinavia, Manymonths woollen children's clothing is transparently made in China, in a GOTS-certified workshop where working conditions are respectful of people and the environment.

  • Marius Fabre

    Marius Fabre

    Marius Fabre is a company founded in 1900 in Salon de Provence, named after its founder: Marius Fabre . It produces Marseille soap. " Since 2009, the Marius Fabre soap factory has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label by the French government. This distinction recognises French companies with excellent industrial and craft skills that have succeeded in combining tradition and modernity, culture and economy".

  • Matador


    Made in Austria, this brand offers wooden construction toys for children aged 3 and over.

  • Medela


    Made in Austria, this brand offers wooden construction toys for children aged 3 and over.

  • Minimo
  • Moluk
  • Mooncup


    Medical silicone menstrual cups.

  • Morphée


    Mon Petit Morphée is your child's ideal bedtime companion, helping them to calm down during the day.

  • Moulin Roty

    Moulin Roty

    Moulin Roty is the story of a happy band of friends, united around a common project combining work and community life. Equipped with a large dose of enthusiasm and resourcefulness, they set up in 1972 in the flour mill of a hamlet called " Moulin Roty ", near Nantes, and launched into the craft of furniture, lamps and jewellery.

  • Moxibustion


    Moxibustion is a technique for stimulating acupuncture points using heat. The moxa is the heating object used for this stimulation. It is originally in the form of a cigar made from Artemisia argyi mugwort.

  • Mudpuppy


    Mudpuppy was launched in 1992. From an early specialisation in puzzles, we have expanded our current offering of non-digital, eco-friendly puzzles, games and toys for children and the young at heart.

    We believe in creating toys that help children unplug and spend less time in front of screens with modern, fun and interesting designs.

  • Munchkin


    Munchkinis a privately held infant and toddler company headquartered in Van Nuys, California. It was founded in 1991 by Steven B. Dunn and is known for the design, development, manufacture and distribution of infant and toddler products.

  • Naïf


    When Jochem & Sjoerd became dads for the first time in 2013, they discovered that even baby skincare products contain harmful ingredients. That's how Naïf was born: natural care for babies and children, using only ingredients that baby's skin really needs and that are not only good for the skin, but also for the planet. Nothing more, nothing less. Soon, adults started using products from Naïf too. There's now a range for young and old alike. Because you deserve good, easy, natural skin care too.

  • Naty


    In 1994, we came up with the crazy idea of making nappies from plant-based, compostable materials.

    Today, we're the world's leading ECO brand! We focus on compostable products that return to the soil.

  • Néobulle


    CREATED IN 2005 by a health professional, Néobulle is an independent FRENCH MANUFACTURER that designs and markets babywearing solutions and organic care products for babies and mums. And all with love.

  • ÖkoNorm


    ÖkoNorm is a young German company which, since 1997, has been striving to create and manufacture healthy and environmentally-friendly creative leisure products.

  • Oli&Carol


    Oli&Carol is a young company based in Barcelona that specialises in designing cool, natural toys for modern parents and their children. It believes in respecting the environment by offering sustainable natural products that follow an artisanal process.

  • ONYX


    Stainless steel utensils designer

  • Organicup
  • Pearhead


    The story of Pearhead began in 1999 with Tom Sakaguchi and Ken Berlin, university flatmates who became business partners thanks to a product, the original baby print frame. 18 years later, Pearhead is a world-renowned lifestyle and gift brand. Pearhead 's mission is to produce authentic quality products that allow their customers to capture the special moments in their lives.

  • Philos
  • Piatnik
  • PlanToys


    Founded in 1981, Plan Toys is a socially and environmentally responsible company, through the materials it uses, the manufacturing process and the social and ecological initiatives it pursues.

  • Plim


    Since 2009, PliM has been making skin-friendly, comfortable washable intimate protection products in the Poitou-Charentes region of France,suitable for all types of lingerie and all flows: plim.

    For menstruation, bladder weakness, maternity and incontinence.
    Discover our MEDIUM, PLUS, MAX and EXTRAwashable sanitary towels .



    Plus-Plus is an award-winning educational plastic building set, whose popularity has been built up in Denmark (its country of origin) thanks to various institutions in the world of children. Developing imagination and creativity, the Plus-Plus building set is an expression of Danish expertise in the field of building sets.

  • Pololo


    With great attention to detail, fit and quality, POLOLO in Berlin has been offering children's shoes, leather punches, slippers - to the highest ecological standards - since 2003. Franziska successfully sold her first shoes at a Christmas market in Berlin-Zehlendorf. Today, we distribute POLOLO shoes worldwide through our network of specialist retailers.

    In the meantime, of course, our collection has also grown considerably - but our values have remained the same: fair and sustainable management, consistent ecological production, modern and clear shoe design!

  • Pura


    Pura is a Swiss company that has developed a progressive range of stainless steel bottles. The system of interchangeable tips means that a single bottle can be used with all the stoppers (teat, learning spout, straw, sports stopper and sealing disc).

  • Qwetch


    Qwetch offers healthy, reusable mobile food containers for better eating, drinking and brewing every day, designed for people who want to carry their drinks and meals with them and avoid disposable food packaging and bottles.

  • REER
  • Repos production
  • Rubambelle


    In Lausanne, Switzerland, Nathalie Jouvenat passionately makes beautiful nursing ribbons that simply clip onto the bra strap, to remind you which side to present to baby at the next feed. She also offers yoga workshops.

  • Ruby Kegel
  • Schmidt


    Schmidt is a German company specialising in toys, puzzles and board games for children, families and adults. The company's founder, Josef Friedrich Schmidt, made his name with an adaptation of Ludo called Mensch ärgere dich nicht, still published in French under the name T'en fais pas.

  • Scratch


    Scratch is a truly Belgian company that would not exist without the enthusiasm of a team of young parents and toy specialists. They have put their experience and passion into designing wonderful toys that always go hand in hand with safety.

  • Secrets de Provence

    Secrets de Provence

    Created in 2010, Secrets De Provence offers innovative natural and organic products, with solid shampoo as its flagship product. All their products are formulated with 100% natural ingredients. They contain no colourants, preservatives, silicones or sulphates.

  • Sigikid


    Sigikid is an innovative brand of organic cuddly toys, soft toys, gourds and snack boxes made to the highest quality standards

  • Silverette


    Silverette breastfeeding cups are worn between feeds and help prevent and heal cracked nipples.

    Their bactericidal and healing properties come from the solid silver (925 thousandths silver) they are made from.

    They are made in Italy, where they have long been sold in pharmacies.

  • SkipHop


    Skip Hop was founded in 2003 by young parents Ellen and Michael Diamant. Skip Hop products are synonymous with innovation, functionality, beautiful design and good quality. All the products are made with great attention to detail, and safety is a top priority. See for yourself.

  • Smart Games
  • Sock Ons

    Sock Ons

    Sock Ons The brands Sock Ons, Mocc Ons, PLod Ons and Twiddle Ons were imagined and created by Kezi Levin, an Englishwoman from London and mother of 5 children.

  • Squitos


    We're Marloes and Fleur, two sisters who love to travel! We grew up in Heemstede, a small town near AmsterdamThe idea for Squitos was born six years ago when we went on a family holiday together to Malaysia. As we, and many other parents with us, are not crazy about toxic products for our children. We want to keep the products we use as natural as possible. No junk please!

    After a lot of research and dedication, we developed Squitos and introduced it to the Dutch market. It wasn't always a smooth ride, but it was definitely worth it. With Squitos enjoying success in a number of countries and continuing to grow, we have no hesitation in saying that we're very proud of it!

  • Suavinex
  • Ta bobine

    Ta bobine

    Tania is a Swiss designer who loves making beautiful children's clothes.

  • TafToys
  • Tender Leaf Toys

    Tender Leaf Toys

    We create exciting worlds of imaginative wooden toys that are made to last a lifetime of love. We strive to continually develop and expand our charming and original products, which are engaging, endlessly entertaining and perfect for little hands. While we love to be educational through play, we encourage every child to be authentic so they can grow up confident and have fun at the same time!

  • Tickit
  • Tickless


    Founded in 2010, ProtectONE is an innovative company whose main aim is to provide pest control solutions without the use of chemicals. Our aim is to offer the most reliable and effective eco-friendly repellents against ticks, fleas and mites to all members of the family, including pets. Our products are sold in 52 countries on five continents.

  • Tikiri
  • ToysPure


    Toys Pure is a German play brand, part of the same group as Gollnest & Kiesel (Goki), specialising in eco-responsible wooden toys.

  • Trixie
  • TULA


    Since 2009, Baby Tula has become a global brand that strives to connect and empower families of all kinds with innovative, modern baby carriers

  • Vilac


    The story begins in 1911 in the village of Moirans-en-Montagne, France's toy capital, when Narcisse Villet set up a small turning workshop called "Maison Villet".

  • Waxup Africa
  • Weleda


    Weleda is a Swiss company which develops, produces and distributes cosmetic products as well as pharmaceutical and dietetic preparations.

  • Wombat


    Inspired by nature, the designers at Wombat & Co. have created a jacket with personality. A jacket that adapts to all your needs, from pregnancy onwards, for the duration of the wear and even beyond

  • Wooper


    At Wooper, we are creative craftsmen and we make our wooden jewellery by hand. We make earrings, necklaces, bracelets for adults and children, pet medals and diffusers.

  • Yaro


    The brand was born in Holland in 2007.

    Wraps and slings are made in Europe.

    Olga is not only a designer, but also a babywearing instructor, who gives her time to support parents on their babywearing adventure.

    Yaro is an affordable brand with pretty, comfortable and colourful wraps.

  • ZéBio


    ZéBio is a range of products dedicated to the world of nature for the very young, designed with respect for their age and development. A world of natural, made-in-France creative activities for budding eco-lovers!

  • Zen'Arôme


    Created over 10 years ago in the south of France, Zen'Arôme was born of one woman's passion for nature and alternative medicine. During her travels and discoveries, her interest in aromatherapy led her to create Zen'Arôme to share and make a living from this passion.

  • ZEWI bébé-jou

    ZEWI bébé-jou

    For over 40 years, ZEWI has been one of the leading players in the Swiss baby products market. In 1962, Karl Zehnder and René Leib founded ZEWI AG in Zug, with the aim of marketing cellulose nappies from Sweden. From this single product, ZEWI expanded its product range over the following years to include plastic pants, bibs and baby clothes.

  • Zipusin


    In February 2013, on a visit to Weymouth, I discovered that my big belly would no longer fit into my lovely jacket. My choice was to invest in a maternity coat or try to get through the last 3 months with what I had. With so many other things to buy for the new arrival, I opted for the second option. It was on this day that I mentioned to my husband that, somewhere in the big wide world, there had to be an item that could simply make my own jacket bigger.



    ZOOCCHINI offers a colourful range of funny animals. Check out the training pants and swimwear in our boutique.

  • Zygomatique

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